Voice Activated Spy Plug Surveillance Adaptor

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Bug works just like mobile phone, but without screen and keyboard. Very simple to operate. Simply insert sim card into the bug and install the device in the room where the bugging is to be implemented. To start listening you should phone the sim card located in the device. The unit will turn on both built-in microphones, without making any noise or flashing light indicator.

Hidden in a fully functional 2 Way Mains Adapter, will work with connected appliances.


Modern covert device for real time audio monitoring with voice activated call back function. This device is manufactured and assembled by us in the UK.
Can be used in normal mode or "call back" mode (calls you when it detects a noise or voice in the area).  Call back mode can be activated or deactivated by text message, so physical presence by device is not required. Has unlimited range - unlike FM transmitters, walls or terrain do not affect the quality of reception. You may be halfway around the world and still hear what's going on in your house, garage or at work.

Supports 2G and 3G  sim cards.
For security reasons sim card will not be included (only person using the device should know the mobile number). It won't work with Three and O2, but you can take advantage of unlimited free calls with Lebara.)
I recommend Pay As You Go sim from EE or Vodafone available in most shops and markets for £0.99


  • No signs on the exterior that would give away the devices purpose 
  • No flashing lights or sounds when activated by your call 
  • Works with the frequency of 850, 900, 1800 and 1900Mhz
  • Continuous power when connected to mains supply for long term audio monitoring 
  • Weight: 85g 
  • Size: 46mm x 50mm x 48mm

Package Contains:

1 x 2 way adapter with GSM bug
1 x User Manual


To ensure the device is in working condition it will be tested before dispatch.
To protect buyers identity this listing has been made private. 
Do not use this product to engage in illegal activities or promote dangerous and illegal acts.

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