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Titan Depot is a well established London based survival company that has built up a great reputation with the outdoor survival community. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide customers with the vest best products on the market at an affordable price.

Our products have been selected by our experts to offer great value and functionality. We stock a large range of outdoor products so we are certain we have something you need for your next adventure. Our Team is made up of outdoor experts and security personnel who are always happy to assist you with all of your needs.


Titan Depot were praised by both nation and local news papers for their efforts to help protect London youth by launch a knife awareness campaign promoting Knife Resistant Anti Slash Clothing. The campaign was a national success and went viral on Facebook reaching over 10k concerned adults and parents.

Evening Standard News Article

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With today's society becoming ever so dangerous we now stock a range of everyday clothing lined with Anti-Slash Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber to offer style and protection against knife/blade cuts & slashes. Our Urban Production garments are designed to keep you safe in today's rising level of knife crime.
Whilst our Anti-Slash Clothing Line is not (unless otherwise stated) stab-proof, it does still offer some level of protection due to its cut resistant properties. These items are ideal for security personnel, Police officers, Doormen and everyday wear due to they're discrete protective qualities.

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Our slash-proof products are designed to offer an added layer of personal protection to the wearer. Designed to be comfortable to wear and fashionable, whilst still offering the maximum knife protection available without making the clothing too bulky. It is manufactured with a layer of Kevlar (or in some cases Spectra or Dyneema) sewn in to the lining of the garment.

Our exclusive range of anti-slash gloves are manufactured using either Kevlar or Dyneema lining and are designed to protect hands against knives broken glass or any other sharp object including knives (except for needles). We can offer specifically designed gloves to provide a certain amount of puncture-proof protection. Please send us a message with your requirements.

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We are passionate about our products and customers so we aim to save you 20% on average by ordering directly from the manufacturers.
We offer free shipping and provide tracking to keep you updated every step of the way. If you are having problems please email us before leaving a review as we care about each and every customer. Have a great day! :)