Standalone Armour Plate - NIJ Level III+ (3)

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When the protection offered by any soft armour is just not enough for the threat level that you are going to be subject too then you have the option of adding hard armour plates to the front and rear of the vest in question that will increase the protection levels over the vital areas such as heart, lungs and other organs.

This high grade ceramic bulletproof plate has been manufactured to NIJ level III (3) which must  be able to withstand the firepower of at least one 7.62x39mm AK47 round as a minimum and other similar calibre weapons and rounds. These plates are designed and engineered to protect against at least two shots from the same round.  They will also stop a minimum of 7.62x51mm FMJ (6 shots), 5.56x45mm SS109 (6 shots) and 7.62x39mm AK47 (6 shots).

This high velocity bulletproof plate is designed for use with all jackets and vests complying to NIJ level IIIa or lower.

These high-calibre bulletproof plates are ideal protection for war zones and other volatile regions and are perfectly suited to members of the press or private security forces.

The weight of each of these plates is 2.9Kg and they measure 250x300x24mm with a slight curve to fit comfortably around the wearers torso.

For more information about the NIJ protection levels please CLICK HERE

Remember that we would recommend one plate for the front and one for the back.




Remember that we would recommend one plate for the front and one for the back

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