Welcome to the fortress of protection, where blades tremble in despair!

At Titan Depot, we've mastered the art of safeguarding without compromising style. Our stab-resistant clothing is so discreet, even Sherlock Holmes would give up trying to spot it. 

Stab-Resistant Clothing for Ultimate Protection

At Titan Depot, we offer a range of stab-resistant clothing options designed to provide the highest form of stab protection while remaining as discrete as possible. Our anti-stab PPE clothing is plain, unnoticeable, and thin enough to wear under your clothes, avoiding any undue attention.

While "stab-proof clothing" is a common online search, it's essential to clarify that all body armor can potentially be pierced by a powerful enough weapon. Stab-resistant PPE, on the other hand, offers a high level of resistance to penetration and puncturing from edged weapons such as knives, spikes, screwdrivers, tools, or broken bottles. All our anti-stab protective body armor is rated as KR 1 and SP 1, providing potentially lifesaving protection.

Stab protective clothing can make a significant difference in your survival chances when facing an attacker wielding a knife, making self-protection a top priority.


International Standards of Protection 

Protection standards vary from country to country, with the most recognized standards for bulletproof vests and stab-proof vests being the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB). These standards cover ballistic, stab (edged blades), and spike (pointed instruments) protection.

It's important to note that a bulletproof vest is only certified to stop the threats it's designed and specifically tested for. Similarly, a stab-proof vest is not certified to stop small arms, although it may still offer some level of protection.


Stab-Proof Body Armor Testing and Protection Levels

NIJ is the leader in testing bulletproof vests, while HOSDB leads in stab and spike-proof tests. Both standards define the exact resistance levels they can withstand.

A stab-proof vest has three protection levels, with higher pressure corresponding to greater resistance. The material of the vest determines whether it can stop knives, needles, and spikes.

NIJ standard 0115.00 has three levels:

  • Level 1: 24 joules (E1) - 36 joules (E2)
  • Level 2: 33 joules (E1) - 50 joules (E2)
  • Level 3: 43 joules (E1) - 65 joules (E2)


Three different test blades are used: S1, P1 (knife blades), and a spike. The E1 drop test ensures that penetration does not exceed 7 mm to protect vital organs. At the E2 drop test, the energy is increased by 50%, and knives or spikes are not allowed to penetrate more than 20 mm.


HOSDB 2007 Stab Resistant Body Armor Standard

The HOSDB (British Institute) has its benchmark for stab-resistant body armor, similar to the NIJ standards. Both organizations have collaborated for years to improve and develop their standards.

Penetration limits apply only to the P1/B blade. The E1 pressure cannot exceed 7 mm, and the E2 pressure limit is 20 mm.

HOSDB employs an engineered blade (P1/B) and spike (SP/B) for testing. These are incredibly strong and sharp instruments.

For HOSDB testing, you can complete a knife test (KR) or spike test (SP). Body armor tested according to HOSDB can be called KR or KR+SP. The knife blade is tested against both E1 and E2 pressure with penetration limits of 7 mm and 20 mm, respectively. The spike is only tested at E1 and is not allowed to penetrate.


Here's the table with the `width` attributes removed to allow it to scale automatically:


Protection level

Energi level E1 (joules)

max penetration at E1 (mm)

Energi level E2 (joules)

Max penetration at E2 (mm)








KR1=7, SP1=0*

KR1=36, SP1 = N/A

KR1=20*, SP1= N/A








KR2=7, SP2=0*

KR2=50, SP1 = N/A

KR2=20*, SP2= N/A








KR3=7, SP3=0*

KR3=65, SP3 = N/A

KR3=20*, SP3= N/A


The Demand for Stab-Proof Clothing

The demand for stab-proof clothing is on the rise, not only in professional settings like policing and protection services but also in everyday life. With knife crime soaring over the last decade and gang crime on the rise, many people no longer feel safe in certain areas or postcodes.

Over the past decade, 38% of all crime-related deaths involved the use of a sharp instrument, highlighting the need to protect yourself with stab-resistant plates or vests. Titan Depot's anti-stab PPE and stab-resistant clothing allow you to go about your daily life feeling safer without the inconvenience of cumbersome protective vests. Our stab-resistant vests are lightweight and discrete, providing effective protection underneath your clothes.

Titan Depot's stab-resistant clothing has been designed to be discreet to both the wearer and any potential attacker, offering added protection for everyday life without hindering your activities. Our stab-proof plates slip easily under your top while providing adequate stab resistance. You might forget you're wearing them, but in the worst-case scenario, you'll have the protection that could save your life.

Our stab-resistant clothing, stab-proof vests, and anti-stab PPE are suitable for the general public but have been specifically designed for professional environments. Recent terror incidents and knife-related crimes emphasize the need for police and frontline professionals to have ample protection. Wearing Titan Depot's protective clothing provides peace of mind and a greater chance of survival in the unlikely event of knife crime or a violent attack. All Titan Depot stab-resistant products undergo extensive quality and safety checks to ensure their effectiveness.

Though not specifically tested, our stab-proof protective products offer increased protection against other threats, including tear resistance, puncture resistance, circular blade cut resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, straight blade cut resistance, and spike resistance.

Titan Depot's stab-resistant clothing and stab-proof PPE are crucial, much like a seatbelt in a car. We don't assume you'll ever be a crime victim, but we acknowledge that accidents can happen, and our gear offers the best chance of survival.


Stab-Resistant Clothing and Protective Gear

Our range of stab-proof vests and stab-resistant clothing sets the gold standard for protection, vital for professionals. Ensure the correct levels of PPE are always used to prepare your workforce and reduce the risk of injury. All our protective clothing ranges have undergone extensive


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I got delivered, but the camera it doesn’t work, I’ve returned back and still didn’t get money back. Thank you

Such a comfortable hoodie and received excellent customer service. Very happy with the purchase.

Very reasonably priced option

Very reasonably priced option but a little less solid than I expected.

Not just cut proof gloves

Like many people out there I wanted a pair of knife proof gloves “just in case” but also didn’t want anything that looks menacing. These are them


Good quality. Fast delivered. Recommended. Many thanks

Excellent product and exactly what I was looking for

I’m an ageing fair weather biker and increasingly aware of the risks of biking and the time it takes older people to recover from injuries. I’ve long been aware of the remarkable qualities of Kevlar and have been looking for a while for normal wearable clothing. The long sleeved t shirt is perfect. Easy to add to my layers of protection but looks normal when worn on its own. Great fit and really long giving really good protection (including from cold winds!). I’m so pleased with the shirt I’ve ordered Kevlar long johns as well. Obviously nothing is completely safe on a motorcycle but this seems like a great contribution to helping reduce risks.


was delivered to wrong address but lucky my sister seen my parcel on face book community forum and notified the woman and she dropped of the parcel

Worth the money

Bought for our son, for his job.
Apparently it's well made, warm and comfortable.
Also, it's peace of mind.
Great product

Worthwhile acquisition ?

First Impressions of this hooded anti slash top were good, the product looks to be well made and durable. Whether this equates to an adequate and dependable deterant is the question. A little disappointed with the lack of info offered by titan depot with regards to tracking item ounce dispatched. Other than that I have no serious issues with the whole online retail experience.


Very happy with my purchase. Looks good and is comfortable. As expected, heavier than your average hoodie due to built in kevlar protective layer.

Very tough durable gloves with great protection feel very safe wearing them

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Good fit, lightweight, easy to wash, reassuring, but, thankfully, not put to the ultimate test yet!

Item not delivered

Unfortunately this item has not been delivered


great delivery can't get over the quality and how comfortable the hoody is love this product the bonus its got me protected at the same time

Great Item

Great item warm and give peace of mind

Brought this for my son he likes it but luckily as yet it’s properties haven’t been put to the test

I received good service from a man called dean after having concerns via email that the jacket would not be delivered when expected. It was dellivered timely and dean was very helpful

Hi Titan, my hooded anti slash has been bought as a Xmas present so I have no review to submit at the moment, I don't even know if it fits him. If it's to small I'll have to return it to get the next size up, many thanks for your time and effort. Roger Voice

Slash proof hoodie

I would thoroughly recommend this Company, their customer service skills are exemplary, they are very prompt to respond to emails, even out of office hours. Their products are good quality though, thankfully, I have yet to have my hoodie put to the test! Purchased to protect against being bitten by children in a specialist unit. Highly recommended.

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I’m very impressed with both the pen and the customer service provided by Titan Depot. We had an issue with the colour of one of the pens, and they couldn’t have been more helpful. The pen itself is as described, handy little tactical gadget that seems sturdy and well-made at a very good price. Great product, hassle free delivery, and 1st rate customer service. Very impressed.

Kevlar jacket and T-shirt

I have not thought this through with what these types of clothing and what they are ment to do I thought it was going to be like wearing a flexible steel but it's just fabric that's swing of the knife resisting but being pushed by a stab of a knife still hurts
My tip is buy one t shirt before spending around £300 on Kevlar joggers tshirt& jacket
Maybe if you want something like that maybe take a pancake frying pan and bend it around your chest area

Body Armour Badge Sets (Front & Back)

Love them but they look a tiny bit like hitman gloves

They are little less menacing than the previous pair I bought with the knuckle protection but still have a slightly menacing vibe. I will still wear them out and they could be usefull to whip on if you sense trouble brewing or walking home at 3 a.m alone etc. I am actually very fond of then. Grabbing hold of a blade with these on is your only hope from a knife attack. all that kung fu " disarming techniques " will get you killed.

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I bought this pen for my husband, ex-army and he absolutely loves it. A great product with so many functions which was great value for money. Thank you 😁